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GTC Mission Statement: "To proudly provide fun & educational programs, products, and experiences all with the goal of inspiring "kids of all ages" to explore and learn more about the sciences"
Geologic Times corporation
D.B.A. GTC Rock Shop & science education center

Geologic Times corporation D.B.A. GTC Rock Shop & Science education  center website

For well over a decade now, Geologic Times Corporation and its D.B.A. of GTC Rock Shop & Science Education Center have been proudly providing fun & educational geosciences related programs, products, and experiences all with a single goal in mind: inspiring "kids of all ages" in the sciences. This has never been, and will never be a profit driven endeavor. Every program and activity we offer involves hands-on learning experiences with educational elements specifically designed to be so engaging and entertaining that few students even realize they are learning things. It is our belief that one of the most successful ways to teach anything is to make it fun and the results speak for themselves!

As an educational company, the success of our efforts sadly can never be measured by dollars earned, in large part because it often costs far more to run our educational programs than we could possibly charge for them. Instead, our success is based on achieving our mission plan of inspiring “kids of all ages” in the sciences, not dollars earned. For me and my entire staff, our greatest reward is knowing our hard work and efforts are making a difference, and that is something we could not be prouder of. To make our educational efforts possible, we most rely on our retail division and outside support

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 GTC Fun & Educational Programs & Activities

Geology and geode cracking programs & activities

We offer several different geology / geode cracking programs that are perfect for STEM & STEAM. And yes, they do "ROCK" and are clearly what they are "CRACKED UP" to be.

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gem & fossil mining
programs & activities

Nothing beats the pure joy of hands-on discovery! Experience the fun and excitement of mining for real gemstones, minerals, fossils, and other treasures.

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Even more great
programs & activities

Click the link button below to learn more about all the fun & educational programs and activities we offer now and are working on for the future.

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learn about our locations

Learn about our GTC Rock Shop and Science Education Center located in Francis Scott Key Mall Frederick MD, our on-line store,  and more.